Do Not Try This at Home, Part II

Recently we shared with our understanding of Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”); and, this posting continues that discussion with some of the fascinating new tools that we use to enhance your page rank.

As explained then, while we believe the more our clients know, the more they will appreciate the value of what we do, we don’t recommend that you “try this at home.”  As you read more, we think you will understand why.

First of all there are a variety of ways of building links to your website.  We start with other websites in your industry or subject niche. For example, if your business is beverages, we look for mixer and snack sites.

Social media site have become enormously valuable to SEO because they are open and easy to join.  There is also a kind of “reciprocal culture” that acknowledges your expression of interest with a willingness to follow, and link to you as well.

A Links page linking to other websites provides you with an opportunity to request that the same page return the favor with a link to your site.

Link bait is a term for creating something useful and interesting that people naturally want to see more of, and link to your site increasing your popularity over time.

Building an Email list of customers who agree to receive your newsletters, and special offers is one of the surest ways of getting a large number of links.

However, there are a number of highly technical programs that we now use to accomplish some of these things and measure our results as we go. Advance Web Ranking is an excellent software for SEO created by Caphyon Ltd. Caphyon is headquartered in Romania of all places.  They have been around since 2002 and their product ratings have been climbing among their top ten competitors ever since.

We use AWR for Link building and management, competitor analysis including number of keyword results and number of keyword competitors.  It is also very helpful for other kinds of keyword research and analysis.  Finally, it has a powerful performance reporting module which includes automated reporting so essential to knowing what we are doing that is working, and what is not.

We like AWR because it not only tells us who is linking to your site, but also the keywords they use to find you.  It gives us much of the same information for your competitors.  Graphic comparisons and reports are provided that make this information even more valuable.

A great feature is the routine check for search engine updates. Every time we open your site in the program, it checks for updates against its database, assuring that we are working with the most accurate data possible.

We also rely on the active support that the experts at AWR provide to us.  At first we thought it might be difficult because of their location in Romania; however, they provide all the help we need through U.S. support contacts.

Another product from Caphyon that we like is Advanced Link Manager.This is a link-building tool that let’s us track which sites are linking to both your site, and your competitors web site as well. With this tool we are able to develop a link building campaign for your website; and, even use your competitor’s link profile information where relevant.

As we mentioned in our first posting on this subject, search engines such as Google consider links to be a proxy, or a vote for your web site. Thus, for any particular keyword, the number of links (i.e. class popularity) pointing to your website is extremely relevant in your PageRank; and, depending on the quality of the links, your TrustRank as well.

We also wrote about the infamous “black hat” tricks for building many links quickly. Most of these tactics are either unethical, sleazy, or short-sighted cheap bumps in rankings that are not worth the long-term risk of being penalized or banned by Google when statically sooner or latter it becomes apparent that all your inbound links are of very low quality. Advanced Link Manager helps us assure that Google can find and promote the material on your website that identifies your brand, and makes you attractive to your particular market niche.

We spend a lot of time trying determining the keywords and phrases that best match your web targets. Only are we able to organize and launch a link building campaign. Advance Link Manager give us a competitive advantage in monitoring your competition, and improve your standing with the addition of new inbound links pointing directly to your door.

The enormous amount of data provided to us by Advance Link Manager enables us to search for new opportunities for building links and creating relationships with other websites.

Included in this powerful tool is the ability to chart the number of backlinks your site has, graphed over time.  You can even chart them in categories by “important” link, “Paid” links, “Blog” links, etc.

Other things that we can do with Advanced Link Manage include: features of ALM that make the tool critical to my link building process:

▪   We can set an automatic schedule for checking links

▪   We can set triggers that automatically alert us to changes in links

▪   Links can be sorted by PageRank to determine link quality

▪   We can find broken links and fix them

▪   We can monitor the anchor text of links pointing to your site

However, we do offer you our experience, expertise, and access to the valuable technical tools we have mastered with the confidence that we can help you build a powerful SEO campaign.  Oh yes, one more bit of free advice: Don’t try this at home.

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