America's First Fast Food Breakfast

As documented in The Ray Goad Story, he opened his first 15¢ Hamburger restaurant in 1964 and became a fast food pioneer when Ray’s Kingbugrer was the first to ever serve a breakfast in a fast food restaurant.

The Ray Goad Story

Raymond Goad, Sr.

July 18, 1922 – March 23, 2015


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The Brand Blog

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The WESTIN Brand

Mid-Career as a corporate lawyer I was fortunate to find myself as Associate General Counsel of what was then known as WESTERN INTERNATIONAL HOTELS. In 1930, hotel owners Severt W. Thurston and Frank Dupar, both of Yakima, Washington USA, formed a partnership in order to manage their hotels more efficiently. Together with Peter and […]

Ray's Kingburger

I have been digging through my journey in “corporate branding” archives; and, today, I came across my very first effort to pitch a product.

Following this ad that I created with a friend while a student at BYU, Dad Ray Goad came up with the idea to serve Breakfast in his fast food restaurants…the […]

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While April 7, 1969 is the day the thing we call the Internet began, it was […]